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Welcome to the official Jurassic5.com merch booth. You're here -- chances are, you're a real J5 fan. 

Take a look around. We put a lot of heart and soul into our music, our shows AND our products. By buying here on our official website, you're directly supporting our music. No middlemen, No "industry" BS.  Straight from J5 to you and back again. 

One love.

-- Akil, 2na, Cut, Nu, 7 and Soup


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Coming June 2016!


We want you to listen to our music.  We'll always post it to stream here and everywhere we can.

BUT, if you want to buy our music, do us a favor and consider buying it here on Jurassic5.com.  

That way, all your funds come directly to us.  No middlemen.  Straight from us to you.  


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Booking: Jadler @ caa.com

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